In all honesty, there have not been that many Marbled March castings that have come out right the first time.  Quite a few have actual flaws, but most are cosmetic, the marbling not matching my very strict ideal for the sale.

There is something that doesn’t match one, or both, of those quality checks in the work I did tonight.  At the very least, these items will become stock in the future.  It is just disheartening for this to happen as frequently as it does.

Ah well, next time will be better.  You have paid me for my best work and I refuse to give you anything less.

You are what every business should strive to be - dedicated to giving customers your best. God bless you Sheep <3

The wait has been long, but has not bothered me, because I know I have something amazing to look forward to, I trust you, and you were upfront about it from the very beginning.


World of Warcraft - Tyrande Whisperwind by Illisia Cosplay

Photos by Peck Photography


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FACTOID | Penis Size & Satisfaction




Survey Conclusion:Women reported that penis width was more important for their sexual satisfaction than penis length…. Also, it may be that Masters and Johnson were wrong about penis size having little or no physiological effect on women’s sexual satisfaction [since they concluded that the flexibility of the vagina allows for satisfaction with any size].
The results reflect either a psychological preference or a true physiological reality, but we cannot say which, with the present method that was employed.”

Truth: Pleasure is a personal preference, whether physiological and/or psychological. Regardless of gender, orifice, and situation, the choice is yours.

Cultivate curiosity. Explore variety. Please yourself.

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In my own experience I know that penis size had no correlation to the quality of sex.  The partner’s attention to foreplay & physical cues, ability to focus on something other than themselves, and willingness to spend time working up to actual coitus had so much more of an impact than the size of the phallus involved.

People may also find that the size and style of toys they enjoy playing with have nothing to do with what pleases them during intercourse with a partner.  I know I enjoy the challenge of long, slender toys, but I would never expect a penis having partner to live up to those standards.  Likewise, many people that enjoy extreme girth in their toys have quite fulfilling and happy sexual experiences with their not so extreme partners.

True story.

And actually, despite my preferences in toys, large penises scare me. Especially when they’re really long, because there are just some things you can’t do without it hurting, at least for me, and it’s not just a matter of bringing out a different toy. So size really isn’t all that!

Peacock needs to be available on everything, because it’s gorgeous and I would need to own more things if it were. Just imagine Splish and Splash with the two tone being Peacock and the Pearly White. Omg.


Bought this guy a while back. It’s large. It’s beautiful. I’ve grown pretty attached to it. Recently found out it’s not just a pretty decoration, either. The tip reminds me an awful lot of the pink in Nox’s exclusive color and the metallic is nowhere near as subtle as I was expecting. I 100% do not regret this order and that is a beautiful thing. Such a difference from a certain other we shall not speak of.

Please tell me of any comparisons you want, if only just cuz. I wanna show this guy off. Also anything else. I like showing off my toys. The ones I’m happy with, at least.

Teeny Clayton and Winston will be going up for trade in the next coming days. A few others as well, so be on the lookout for that!




how long will it burn if it isn’t an emergency???????

#what does the crayon define as an emergency




how long will it burn if it isn’t an emergency???????

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PAVONI Couture Fall/Winter 2013

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Finally, a donut for MEN!

Oh dude you got some of my bronut all over your face silly! haha heres a Dude Wipe to get it off with

oh masculinity. so fragile. so strange.

Is no one going to mention the misunderstandings this could cause.
You got my bronut on your face.
my bronut, on your face




Finally, a donut for MEN!

Oh dude you got some of my bronut all over your face silly! haha heres a Dude Wipe to get it off with

oh masculinity. so fragile. so strange.

Is no one going to mention the misunderstandings this could cause.

You got my bronut on your face.

my bronut, on your face

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I for one think the world is ready for a black, queer, size 10 Wonder Woman. :) Took a few shots in my Wonder Woman costume which I love! Definitely plan on upgrading my armor but I’m still unbelievably happy with this! Not sure what it is about this costume but it definitely makes you want to stand a little taller and go off to be a badass.

I have more pictures in my costume at my facebook page!



Wait a minute.


You look so badass

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watch both their faces go from “courteous TV smile” to “not paid enough for this bullshit”

The blonde’s face starts to change just in that first gif. You can see her die a little inside already, because she knows she’s about to hear something really stupid.

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I have a panic disorder. While having an attack one day, I called my boyfirend because I was scared. He hung up the phone as soon as I said that and was over in no time to comfort me.

He doesn’t have a car.

He lives 10 miles away.

He ran.





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Jokes that went over your head as a kid

I wasn’t a kid when I saw these, but I had no idea Squidward (or Mr. Krabs) said “Please tell me that’s your nose.” I thought the picture was fake, haha!

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Do not harass people.

Do not harass people.

say it with me
“Do not harass people.”

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  • me: i don't even care. i'm not going to talk about this anymore.
  • ...
  • me: and you know what else? [2000 word rant]


They have turquoise glow now? :o
Thinking of doing the same for Euphie! Not sure what I want, but it’s definitely a highlight.
I’m not sure what color glow this is. Sometimes I have trouble telling aqua-y glow apart from green, so I’ll ask the shop what additive they used :) I think they have multiple glow colors now, and I’m very curious as to just how many they have.
As far as highlights go, I actually just did a surprise me highlight, so if you’re ever unsure that’s always an option. UV reactive under highlight is really cool, I want to see glow under a highlight too someday! Maybe something like green over yellow? Blue over aqua? I have an MA that’s black over metallic silvery and it’s really nice too.

That sounds good, I’m curious to know! Just plain blue is a little kinda ruined for me.

Yeah, that’s what I meant! There’s just so many cool things you can do with it. Things I hadn’t even thought of until recently, and I’m excited to play around with the options. I love that MA you’re talking about. Since I first saw it. It’s beautiful <3


Monkey is selling things again!

Rehoming an Average/Candiru Curio toy that didn’t work out for me in use, two Vamp Silicone things I never wanted, and several GFG pieces just because.  The smaller GFG things will be sold in lots to save on postage.  The tiny silicone bits + the condoms are free to the first person that pays for something else and asks for them.

All toys + slap paddle have been stored bagged in a smoke and pet free home.  All toys and the slap paddle will be boiled and shipped bagged.  The smaller silicone bits will be washed off so they aren’t dusty and put in a baggie.  The condom box has never been opened.

No trades at this time!  Payment is accepted either via PayPal or EE Gift Certificate.  Shipping is included in cost for domestic shipping only!  I’m willing to ship internationally on some things for a bit extra, but the smaller, cheaper things might not be worth it.  Message me in advance to see.

Photos are captioned (if Tumblr cooperates) so you know what lot is what.

GFG Items:

Lot 1 - Plugs: 2 Times A Lady (Firm), Hentai Tentacle Little Sucker Plug (Firm - Seam on back), Pete’s Plug (soft - nicks & flaws, recommend caution for anal use or use vaginally only), Tapered Tip Plug (extra soft) - $25 for all

Lot 2 - Small Dildos - Spheres of Love (Firm, Air Bubbles btwn spheres, mold seam), Small Kuntiki (Firm, multiple air bubbles throughout toy, some very close to the surface, a few burst) - $22 for both

The Gespenst -Firm, poorly trimmed base, shaft to base connection is sketchy looking - seems mostly solid but silipoxy would reinforce it just in case, business end of toy is fine - $35

Slap Paddle -Awesome color, but a bit too floppy for my taste  - $25

Lot 3 - Mini & Micro Dildos -Original type + Light blue Micro (Soft), Tentacle + Knotted + Dark Blue Micro (Firm), White Micro w/ Glitter (Extra Soft) - Some minor flaws here and there, wouldn’t recommend the micros for anal since two of them barely have bases, lots of sparkles + the orange bits are UV reactive - $30 for all - Sale Pending!

Vamp Silicone Toys:

Vamp Silicone Valentino - Regular (Firm like Tantus), “Red Glitter” aka unpigmented with red glitter in it, very off center vibe cavity in base, scuffs on glans, tiny nick in shaft, 10” x 1.5” - $45

Vamp Silicone Large Marge -Soft Skin (on par with BD/EE Soft? Maybe a touch firmer?) Black Pearl and Shimmery Copper marble, slight separation between shaft and base in a small area, but seems solid otherwise 7.5” x 1.25” - $45

Average/Candiru Curio Toy:

Mini Xeramus - Medium Firmness, Pearly Pink  - Ridges on shaft don’t agree with my anatomy (they catch and drag on the upper vaginal wall for me) - A few flaws on the toy: a few minor air bubbles on the head and shaft ridges, UV reactive pigment fragments in the knot, small dark something in base, mold seam running down full length of toy dorsal side - $35 - ON HOLD!

I can vouch that Monkey is really good peoples~